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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to have KOPEC INSURANCE review my existing insurance portfolio?

No. At KOPEC INSURANCE it is our pleasure to meet with you in person to discuss your insurance needs. If it is more convenient to do so by phone or online we can do that as well.

Why should I choose KOPEC INSURANCE as my independent agent?

KOPEC INSURANCE is a relationship, not volume, driven agency. There is a difference in where you buy your protection. Many people don't realize there are three sources for insurance:

1. A Captive Agent, who represents only one company.

2. Telephone Representatives, who can offer you the insurance of one company, and only on the telephone.

3. An Independent Insurance Agent, who represents a number of the top insurance companies, and researches these firms to find you the best combination of price, coverage and service to meet your needs. You deal direct with a real person for real service.

Your Independent Insurance Agent:

  • Is a licensed professional with strong customer and community ties.
  • Gives you excellent service and competitive prices because your agent can access the insurance coverage from more than one company.
  • Unlike other agents, is not captive to any one company. You don't need to change agencies as your insurance and service needs change.
  • Assists you when you have a claim.
  • Is your consultant working with you as you determine your needs.
  • Offers you a choice of insurance plans and programs.
  • Offers a convenient one-stop for a full range of products - home, renters, auto, life, marine, and business.
  • Can periodically review your coverage to keep up with your changing insurance needs.
  • Treats you like a person, not just another number.

What does homeowners insurance provide?

Homeowners insurance provides protection for your home (the structure and its attachments as well detached structures) and personal property (furniture, clothing, and appliances, etc.) as well as personal liability (what you are legally required to pay to another person for actions caused by you, your family, or your property). A homeowners policy protects you from a variety of events such as fire, wind, explosions, lightening, vandalism, burglary, storms, and more. Be sure to contact our office to discuss actual insurance coverage included with your homeowners insurance plan.

Are natural disasters covered under homeowner’s insurance?

Most natural disasters are covered except for damages caused by floods and earthquakes. Additional coverage is needed for floods and earthquakes.

Is renter’s insurance expensive?

Renter’s insurance is relatively inexpensive. It is also very important to have renter’s insurance because the property owner’s insurance will not cover your possessions or liability.

What is the right amount of insurance for my home?

Your coverage should match the replacement value of your home. Homeowners insurance covers only the structure and not the land the home is on. That means the insurance may be more or less than the purchase price or loan amount.

If I let someone drive my car and he or she has an accident, is that person covered under my policy?

Yes. Liability and coverage for physical damage always follows your car. Also the driver’s policy will be available to cover the cost of damages and injuries.

What should I do if I have just been in an auto accident?

Do not just drive away from an accident, even a minor fender bender. Wait for a police officer to write a report. Exchange information with the other driver. Get the names and telephone numbers of as many witnesses as you can. As soon as possible after the accident, report it to your insurance company (see list of Companies and numbers on “Companies & Claims” page) even if you don't plan to make a claim. If you believe the other driver was at fault, contact his or her insurance company also.

What is comprehensive automobile coverage?

Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle caused by an event other than a collision or overturn. Examples include fire, theft, vandalism, and falling objects. This also comes with a deductible that you select, which is how much you pay before the insurance company pays the remainder.

Am I still covered by my parent’s insurance policy if I am attending college?

It depends on your parent’s policy and terms. You may be insured only until you turn 18 or 22 if you are a full-time college student.

Does my new business need insurance coverage right away?

Yes. You need coverage as soon as you open the doors for business. If you suffer an unexpected loss and don’t have insurance for your business, there is no way to get that loss back.

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