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KOPEC INSURANCE will assist you with insuring your home, whether it is your primary, secondary, or a rental. We offer insurance from the top carriers in Florida for your single family home, condominium or townhome. Our insurers can insure homes up to several million dollars in value, including those located near the coast. Whether you need to insure a custom home on the coast, schedule a piece of special jewelry or you own a condominium or penthouse overlooking the ocean, we can insure it. If you are a tenant, we can protect your personal property that you have at the residence that you are renting. For those of you that enjoy Florida as a secondary home we can provide coverage for you as well.

We take the time to develop a replacement value for your home one on one with you personally. We want you to be involved in arriving at a replacement value that is appropriate for your home. With KOPEC INSURANCE, you have more choices and more control over the insurance process, personalized service and many features such as:

Home replacement value inspection. In most cases, an inspector will visit your home after the policy is issued to note any special architectural details and features and compare it against the dwelling limit shown on your policy. If a discrepancy exists between the value arrived at for the issued policy and the field inspector’s finding you will be contacted and advised of the more appropriate amount. No fees are involved for this service. It is our way of looking out for you.

Rebuilding to code. When you rebuild, you may be required to follow current, more stringent building codes for electrical wiring, plumbing or other construction features. This could result in significant expenses. With the proper endorsement to the policy the carriers will pay these additional costs if you rebuild on the same location.

Additional living expenses. After a covered loss, and with the proper policy endorsement, we have insurers who will cover the increase in your temporary living expenses while your home is being rebuilt. This feature will help you maintain your normal standard of living until your home is ready.

Increased Replacement Cost. Provides additional funds to rebuild should the cost to rebuild be more than the stated policy limit. Typically an additional 10% of the policy dwelling amount. In addition, many of our carriers offer for your consideration such protection as Identity Theft, Water Back-up, Equipment Breakdown, Refrigerated Property, Loss Assessment and Animal Liability to meet your specific needs.

Excess Liability (Umbrella). Limits up to $10 million are available to protect you. Excess Liability Coverage is an invaluable component of your insurance portfolio. It is no secret that in today's society more people file lawsuits for more money than ever before. The personal liability coverage available through a homeowners or automobile policy simply may not be enough. Excess liability insurance can offer a higher level of liability coverage that helps protect you and members of your household from damages for which you may be held responsible. You don't have to be a multi-millionaire to be sued like one. A single lawsuit, even if you win, can end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The greater your assets, the more you potentially have at risk.

Excess Liability Coverage can help protect you against personal liabilities that could impact a substantial portion of your assets (even with the liability coverage provided by your auto and homeowners policy). For example:

  • As you turn a corner in your car, you accidentally injure a successful business owner in the crosswalk. Medical costs, lost earnings and damages amount to millions. And you are responsible.
  • A guest at your son's pool party, a teenager, dives unknowingly and unwarned into the shallow end of your pool, and suffers devastating paralysis and injuries. You are sued for an enormous sum of money.
  • You have a wide-screen television delivered to your home, and one of the deliverymen slips and falls on your steps and breaks his leg.

Valuable Articles Coverage
How much is your jewelry worth? Your collectibles, furs, wine collection, silver, china, antiques and artwork? Chances are, your homeowner’s policy (even from the largest carriers) isn't nearly enough to replace your valuables if they are ever lost, stolen or damaged. A policy written through our agency can be endorsed for this important coverage if desired.

If you would like more information about the homeowners insurance programs that we offer, please contact us or go to our get a quote page. We look forward to the opportunity to review your insurance portfolio and talk with you about a truly custom policy.

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