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Kopec Flagler County Chamber

Flagler County’s Preferred Insurance Agency

We Care!

Not only do we care about our clients but we care about those less fortunate in our community and we care locally and globally about our environment. From our very successful Shoes to Use “shoe recycling” program to our office recycling program KOPEC INSURANCE is happy to make a difference!

Shoes To UseShoes To Use

In 2009 KOPEC INSURANCE launched “Shoes to Use”. The shoe “recycling” campaign was a way to help those less fortunate.

“We collect, deliver and donate shoes that are in great condition to those who need them more”, said Brian Kopec, owner of KOPEC INSURANCE. “Our efforts have been very, very successful providing literally hundreds of shoes to children and adults that otherwise may be wearing shoes that don’t fit, were worn out or they can’t afford a new pair as a result of their particular situation”, continues Kopec.

Brian was inspired by a visit to a homeless shelter. “People of all ages were there looking for assistance. Parents were wearing shoes that had seen better days and children wore shoes that simply didn’t fit”, said Kopec.

KOPEC INSURANCE found that many people simply throw their shoes away when they go out of style or their kids out grow them after they have only worn them a few times. Sometimes shoes find their way to a local Goodwill where they are resold. KOPEC INSURANCE wanted to make them available to others at no cost. “Shoes to Use” gives everyone a chance to feel a little better. Continued Brian, “Shoes get us where we are going in life and if your shoes don’t feel good then you don’t feel good. People need to feel good”. KOPEC INSURANCE collects sneakers and other comfortable shoes (even the occasional pair of sandals or dress shoes) that are in clean and great condition. Take a look around. You might just have an extra pair sitting in our closet that someone else might benefit from.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

KOPEC INSURANCE believes in helping our environment and keeping our beaches and oceans clean. Internally, the office does simple things such as recycling sheets of paper that were printed in error or no longer needed in a file folder by converting them into notepads, attaching documents electronically rather than printing them out, faxing electronically from our computers rather than printing and feeding pages into a fax machine and even using grocery bags from home as trash bags in the office to reduce waste.

“Why bring your groceries home, throw away the bag and then go out and buy a bag of equal size for an office trashcan? Why go out and buy note pads when there’s always a blank side to the sheet on the back that can be used for notes? It’s a waste,” says owner, Brian Kopec. Simple changes like these are right in front of you everyday and every little bit helps! The office also distributes reusable grocery bags to their clients to use at home when grocery shopping to avoid the need for plastic grocery bags that end up at our landfills.

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